Piccolos To Tubas

Mr. Pinckney taught thousands of children to play instruments – large and small, woodwinds, brass and percussion. Quite literally, piccolos to tubas. His desire was to instill a love of music in his students that would lead to a lifetime of music appreciation and enjoyment.

𝄞 Mr. Pinckney’s Alums:

Mr. Pinckney was a beloved teacher who was genuinely fond of his students. It was a common occurrence for former students to track him down at a school sporting event or concert to greet him and to catch up on their whereabouts.

We invite you to contact us with your graduation year, instrument played, band photos and/or stories of how your life has been touched by the gift of music and we will add you to the list of Mr. Pinckney’s Alums. 

𝄞 The Band Plays On:

Music is often a family affair; a gift that is passed on from generation to generation. Please contact us with information listing your family’s involvement in music. 

The Farrow Family

The Larsen Family

The Larson Family

The O’Day Family

The Olson Family

The Pinckney Family

The Schilling Family

The Steinke Family